Welcome to Honor Kids International

Honor Kids International (HKI) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to impact child abuse, which is the heart of racism, sexism, prejudice and violence. Like Joseph Campbell, HKI is aware of the power of the media to transform consciousness, and with the help of Ageyya Inc., a multimedia production company, joined by others, we will use this tool to accomplish our goals.

With that in mind, Linda Redford, founder of HKI, has created projects for education and entertainment based on, what she calls the “Adawee Teachings” (in Cherokee this means Guardians of Wisdom). The Adawee Teachings are an integration of Indigenous philosophies and modern psychological concepts, whose synthesis created a potential Universal Code of Ethics, the foundation for all of HKI’s projects.

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(It is good)
Linda Redford

“A culture of peace requires a language of peace.”