galunlati IMAGINE

in the dark quiet between earth and another world very far away,
there is a beautiful magical place known as

Galunlati (Ga-LOON-la-tee).

 Some people say it is a small planet hidden at the edge of the universe.
Others say it is a sparkling star that appears only when you close your eyes
and look inside your mind. Some American Indians call it The Great Mystery.

The magic of Galunlati belongs to everyone.
It is a place shared by all, yet a place all your own.
You can get there from anywhere in the universe.
Each person and each culture sees Galunlati a little differently.
And that is why it is the most sacred place in the Universe.
Some American Indians say the Tree of Peace is found there. 

There is no end to the stories about Galunlati.
All of them are spoken in truth, and some have not yet been told.
But one thing is for certain . . . without Honor,
the magic and power of Galunlati is lost. 

One day the Adawees, guardians of wisdom,
decided to return Honor to all the people of Earth.
So they came to the Earth in their Star Gate
bringing with them a piece of Galunlati.
In their hearts they brought ancient universal secrets —
the Honor Code and the Adawee Pledge.

Those who practice these secrets are given a right of passage
and granted the wisdom of the ancestors.

Walk with Honor

“Osada” (it is good)