If one could save the wonder alive in the traditional Indian ways and translate it into modern concepts and practices, one could save the world… The young today are looking for any kind of leadership that will make life livable.”

— Sylvester Morey, Respect for Life, and Can the Red Man Help the White Man?

Linda Redford has created a school-based approach to healing and preventing child abuse; we call it: The Honor Project.

It is an educational project focused on creating authentic and harmonious relationships between individuals and their environment. This project emphasizes the necessity of a common goal of Peace whereby each individual takes part in achieving this new vision for the community. In working towards this aim, individual differences are valued, belief systems are explored, and strengths (rather than limitations) are reinforced.

By utilizing the medium of edutainment in the classroom, school, at home, and in the community, both children and adults have the opportunity to work together to adopt and utilize a new language of Peace. As this new language falls into place, the old language of Violence begins to fall away, and the wounds left in its wake begin to heal with this new balm.

The Honor Project is comprised of three phases: Prevention, Intervention, and Maintenance.

For details, see: The Honor Project.

The Honor Project is complimented by Linda Redford’s creation of the edutainment series (educational entertainment) of books, a television program, music, and more!

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“A culture of peace requires a language of peace.”