We are looking for people and/or companies to partner with us to complete development of the following entertainment projects:

Peace and Justice Conference 1997 Documentary
An educational documentary of the Peace and Justice Conference. (see news article here)

What’s Missing for the Children TV Special
Many of us acknowledge the universal need to cultivate responsible thought and action; a reeducation if you will, that involves the enrichment and deepening of relationships to self, to family, to the local and global community, and thus to the planet. If the purpose of education is to teach the rising generation how to achieve their potential and become responsible members of society, then education must provide the tools of learning, that empower such progress.

Storybooks: 12 Magical Adventures of the Adwaee Tribe
Multicultural, multi-dimensional learning and entertaining. A unique aspect of these books is the new paradigm the books offer in which to explore a journey inward, toward personal emotions, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others.

Children’s TV Series: The Adawees–Guardians of Wisdom
The tv series models a much needed Language of Peace which is crucial before a Culture of Peace can be achieved. Based on our 12 storybooks.

Trilogy of Films based on the 12 storybook characters
The 3 films model an attitude of restoring relationships based on the Cherokee Peace Village which was outlawed in the 1800’s.

Interactive CD-ROM: Virtual Honor Peace Village (multi-cultural)
A fun and challenging way for each race and gender to experience the wisdom of many cultures and create empathy, connection and acceptance of one another as well as all living things. To see the complete outline, please click here.

“A culture of peace requires a language of peace.”