Written by Linda Redford and Ashley Redford © 2024
A part of the Honor Series of Edutainment Tools (the music is being written)

The time has come on this great land
for us to walk hand in hand
(drums from all nations come in one at a time … then the chorus)

Chorus: Our Planet under a groove
Dig the peace, watch it move
A human family with one thing to do
Honor each other and Mother Earth, too

My brothers and sisters, can we accept one another,
Even though we aren’t the same color
If we walk in the shoes of another
We’ll begin to imagine how to Honor

(little boy) Dig it!

Beliefs that have separated you from me
Blocks our ability to be free
If we stop demanding to define
What is yours and what is mine
We will connect humankind, his, hers, yours, and mine

Repeat Chorus

On the journey you will see how honesty will set us free
Help your friend to make a start
We all need to own our part

Movin’ on to take a stand act with dignity if you can
Hold wisdom with both hands
On this great land we call home … understand?

Repeat Chorus

Know it can’t be solved with a rhyme or a song
Imagine and create the world you conceive
Laugh, if you want, or dare to believe

(little girl) Dig it!

(drums one at a time – then slowly all together)