the people on Earth lived with respect for all life.
They listened to the Creator with their hearts and used their imagination
to create an honorable world. They chose actions that would benefit
themselves and generations to follow. 

As people began to develop their intellects,
some moved away from their hearts.
When they lost the connection to their hearts
they could no longer hear the will of the Creator.
Honor was lost and fear and violence ruled the Earth.
One night the messengers of the Creator, the Adawees,
came to me with a vision. They showed me that the time had come
to return honor to Mother Earth and asked if I would help.

I listened to the wise silence within me
and used my imagination to envision and create
the Honor Series of Entertainment/Educational Tools.
With the help of many people this project has come to life.
Its purpose is to awaken the power and wisdom within each of us
so that we may choose actions that restore balance
and honor to ourselves and our world.

Enter Galunlati . . .