I am aware that my imagination inspires my creative talents and abilities.
(If I can imagine it, I can do it!)

I am aware that all things created in the circle of life are interconnected.
(Clean air and water helps me to have a healthy body and mind.)

I am aware that I can learn from all that was created.
(I can learn from the sky, a clock, a tree, my friends and my mom and dad.)

I am aware that being truthful takes courage and is easier
when I am open to my feelings.
(When I’m truthful with others they learn to trust me.)

I am aware that my words and actions are powerful and have a positive or
negative impact on my life, as well as on others and the environment.
(When someone is sad I can sit and talk with them until their sadness leaves or
I can tease them and make them sadder.)

I am aware that humor can lighten the seriousness of a difficult situation.
(Laughter makes everyone feel better.)

I am aware that open-mindedness creates harmony and balance.
(I’m open to learning that my way is not the only way to see things.)

I am aware that honor means to hold someone or something special.
(I’m important to the world and the world is important to me.)

I am aware that mistakes can be opportunities for understanding and growth.
(When I say I’m sorry I understand that I have hurt you,
and when I hurt you I hurt myself.)

I am aware that all that was created has purpose and value.
(Everyone deserves to believe in themselves.)

I am aware that there is an intuitive knowing within me
that can guide me to make wise choices.
(I am learning that inside me I have a wise part that knows what’s best.)

I am aware that balance is achieved through self-discipline and persistence.
(It’s as important to give as it is to receive.)