Introducing a new part of The Honor Series™ of Edutainment Tools
There is an apparent void in children’s entertainment which speaks of myths that can heal and unite our children. The “Imagine and Create Your Own World Book” series fills this void. The storybooks take place in diverse lands and honor various cultures and their traditions. In each book the central character is faced with an emotional challenge and undergoes a unique transformation. As characters meet each other in successive stories a common goal is developed that promotes social harmony as well as supports each characters’ personal lessons.


These unique storybooks invite readers ages 9 to 99 to embrace their own creativity and illustrate their version of the stories. By inviting the reader to imagine and create what is in their minds eye, valuable metaphors and lessons are explored. Be it in the classroom or in the home, the Imagine and Create Your Own World books are a rewarding, interactive educational experience that nourishes emotional intelligence and prosocial values. The stories feature each child’s transformation as they grow in life esperience. The books have an area where you can draw what you imagine is happening in the story.


The books are also available on cd which you can print at home or at school.